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Choosing To Invest In Security

When you own a business, you have two choices. You can either decide to invest money in replacing stolen goods, or to invest money in a nice security system. When I first started my business, I decided to ignore security measures altogether, which caused me to net a loss for the year. However, after a suggestion from my mentor, I decided that it might be wise to install a nice security system. You wouldn't believe how much better things got. Within a few weeks, theft was almost completely eliminated. My blog is all about helping you to tighten up security measures.


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Choosing To Invest In Security

5 Signs Your Security System Is In Need Of A Repair

by Victoria George

Security systems provide peace of mind and protection from intrusions. They are there to ensure that you have assistance when something goes wrong in your home. To ensure that your family is safe, you should seek repairs if you notice any of these 5 warning sings:

Beeping Keypad

If your keypad continues to beep when it is not supposed to, this is a bad sign. Be sure that if you have been hearing beeping that you thought was from the microwave or other appliance that it is not actually your keypad.

Multiple False Alarms

A false alarm is a sign that the security system is not functioning properly. Branches that have fallen or even pets can trigger it if not installed correctly. Either some error was conducted during the installation or potentially someone is hacking your system. If the second one is true, then they could gain access to the system and disable it. Regardless, if false alarms are occurring, something is wrong and you need a security system repair.

The Light Won't Turn On (Or Off)

If your lights for the security system are behaving strangely, then you should seek a repair. It could mean that the plug is not correctly connected. If basic protocols prove that the error is not simply a lack of being plugged in, then seek a professional.

The Alarm Does Not Trigger

When something happens that should trigger the alarm but it doesn't go off, you have a problem. Perhaps the wireless communication device has failed. Perhaps someone is actually in your system controlling it. Either way, this leaves you and your family vulnerable to attacks. If your alarm is not working, then your basic defense is gone and you need a repair done right away.

No Picture or Signal Upon Connecting with DVR

If you connect your camera to your DVR device, you should be able to see a feed of the video. If you can't, make sure that everything is formatted correctly using your owner's manual. If this does not correct the issue, then you will not be able to see who is near your home and your next move should be to call your professional repair person.

Security systems are incredible insurance when they are working. However, when errors appear, you might be risking your safety, you family's safety, and even financial risk due to invasions. Protect yourself and hire a professional, like those at Tim's Alarms Service, to perform repairs if any of the warning signs mentioned above appear.