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When you own a business, you have two choices. You can either decide to invest money in replacing stolen goods, or to invest money in a nice security system. When I first started my business, I decided to ignore security measures altogether, which caused me to net a loss for the year. However, after a suggestion from my mentor, I decided that it might be wise to install a nice security system. You wouldn't believe how much better things got. Within a few weeks, theft was almost completely eliminated. My blog is all about helping you to tighten up security measures.


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Choosing To Invest In Security

Installing A Home Fire-Suppression System: How Far Should You Go?

by Victoria George

Home fire suppression systems can vary greatly in complexity, from simple smoke detector systems to full-blown, technologically advanced monitoring systems. How far should you go when designing your home's fire suppression system? Here is a guide to help you decide. 

Smoke Detectors and Heat Sensors

Smoke detectors are practically a must for home protection. They are a simple way to detect fires and potentially save lives by alerting you to problems quickly. They are also a requirement for many property management companies and local legislations. 

On top of smoke detectors, heat sensors can be a great addition to your home. They can often detect the fire at an earlier stage than alarms that use only smoke as a measure. They may also be more sensitive, though, so make sure that you calibrate them correctly. 

Fire Sprinklers

Home fire sprinklers are becoming popular, as the options for disguising home sprinklers expand. You may choose to have a full deluge fire sprinkler or a sprinkler that releases mist. The latter is convenient for homeowners who fear that fire sprinklers would damage their property without cause. 

Adding fire sprinklers on top of a good smoke detector system is valuable because it helps to start fire suppression before the fire department arrives. Thus you can reduce the risk of major home damage and even death. 

Fire Alarm Monitors

You may also want to consider having a fire alarm monitoring system added to your home. These complement smoke detectors and heat sensors well by allowing you to check on the status of you home. You might configure your monitoring system so that it gives you a call when suspicious activity is detected. This way, even if you're not home at the time a fire starts, you'll be alerted almost immediately. You can also sometimes have the monitoring system alert the fire department or police, but many homeowners prefer to vet the calls first before a dispatch team is sent to the property. 

Other Considerations

Many people stop there when it comes to installing home fire suppression systems. But there is plenty of specialized equipment to consider on top of this. You might want to have chemical fire suppression agents available in your home, or you may wish to install a firewall in the most valuable areas of the home. Speak with an experienced fire suppression specialist about the advanced options you have for home fire protection. 

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